American Global University School of Medicine

School Overview

American Global University School of Medicine is a quality medical school in the Caribbean to study medicine with accredited Premed, Basic and Clinical Science Programs. Our website contains information about Caribbean med schools, international schools of medicine, top Caribbean medical colleges and best foreign medical schools. When applying to our Caribbean medical school, you are choosing the best Caribbean school of medicine. Top medical schools in the Caribbean should be accredited and have high USMLE passing rates, ACGME accredited clinical rotations and an approved application process to allow you to become a doctor. The medical curriculum taught in our caribbean medical college campus integrates top academic features of American and Caribbean medical schools.

Education In The Caribbean

As one of the Caribbean region’s most highly rated education institutions, The Medical School offers unparalleled opportunities to study medicine in the Caribbean.

Our graduates play leading roles in health fields around the world.

The Medical Program develops caring, clear-thinking, clinically outstanding, research capable and globally engaged graduates with the potential to be leaders in medicine, public health and research, and offers excellent opportunities to develop an internationally focused career while studying medicine in the Caribbean nation of Belize.

Medical Education

It goes without saying that an ambitious doctor will first have to go to university of medicine. This represents any kind of academic facility that offers identified coaching programs in healthcare technology. The item in participating them is to acquire the... read more


The AGUSM  Scholarships Program is one of the most generous and comprehensive in Belize . It recognizes outstanding academic achievement of students from Belize, United States  and around the world. The University is also committed to providing access to students who... read more

Training Doctors

American Global University School of Medicine has the most up-to-date medical school curriculum in the Caribbean: New, revitalized curriculum emphasizes inter-professional education and distributed learning, including rural experience, community outreach, and a health... read more

Hands-on, case-based learning

AGU  offers hands-on MD training. There are many opportunities for you to get real-life clinical experience throughout your four years of study. In fact, our first-year students begin meeting patients in their first week of medical school. Our MD program is divided... read more

5 Ways for Premed Students to Maximize Physician Shadowing

Shadowing a physician in practice is typically considered an important part of the premed experience. Though the experience is not explicitly required by most medical schools (a select few, particularly D.O. schools, or those that offer doctor of osteopathic medicine... read more

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) provides a fresh approach to medical training. The Doctor of Medicine is a four-year full-time course available to both local and international students. Three entering classes per year May, Sept and Jan. Designed for students who have... read more

3 Ways to Prepare for the MCAT as a Premed Student

As yet another academic year fast approaches, a new wave of incoming undergraduates will join the ranks of premedical students embarking on the long yet rewarding journey of applying to medical school. Although the thought of studying for the MCAT may seem like a task... read more

Pre-Medicine In The Caribbean

Pre Med degrees – your first degree You begin with an Pre med degree which usually takes three years to complete. You will develop a deep understanding of the medicine study area (your ‘major’), while gaining a breadth of knowledge that will set you apart... read more